Kids’ blogs

Looks like my kids are not wasting time— Daniel and Mariah are getting their subdomains already. Wow! Is this what their mom is teaching them? How to waste time online? LOL. ^^ I think they’re too young for blogs, but until they only spend one hour a day on them, I’m good with it. Provided that either I or hubby are around though.

I received a good lil’ pack of tickets from my sweet buddy Maggie. So generous! I love you, hon! The package contains alison krauss tickets, 3 archers of loaf tickets and 2 arctic monkeys shows. Which she got from, if I’m not mistaken. That store has Alison Krauss concert tickets and Arctic monkeys seating as well as Archers of Loaf tickets.. A lot of stuff, really.

Thank you, Maggie. I hope I can return the favor, one day. :)

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