Believe it or not, I’m a “little web ghost”, which means I won’t share too personal information with anyone on the web. I’m privacy paranoiac, so beware.

Everyone calls me Ilila, so please do too. If you’re curious, my real name is Elila, but that’s all I’m saying. Nothing more, and anyway, it doesn’t make so much difference, doesn’t it?

I’m 32 years old. That is what results from my ID card, at least. Yes, I was born on 1979, March 18th. I’m married to a wonderful man who gave me four beautiful children, one of which is adopted, and a little robotic son named Coleen (an Aibo).

My favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla, and my loved book author is Susanna Tamaro. I’m hooked on the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and I think I will be for a while. That’s truly a lovely movie. On TV, I adore the shows named Supercar, Mcgyver, Smallville, Floricienta and Beautiful. I love siamese cats.

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